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  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-11

    I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep and waking up the past several days. I feel like a lead weight but I haven’t gained a pound. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-10

    Watching Medium. They replaced the actress who plays Ariel’s best friend Ashley, didn’t they? Patricia Arquette overacts more lately I think # I have three (3) guest passes to the Desert Botanical Garden to share by March 31, which is coincidentally when the Chihuly exhibit ends. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-09

    I’m recording Celebrity Apprentice because I’m curious to see Tony @zappos but I can’t stand the show. Will buzz thru to Tony’s appearance. # Dinner was good & the noodle kugel is good! I don’t recommend the blintzes or the red velvet cake. # Enjoying a chocolate egg cream, hot pastrami grilled reuben, […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-08

    My Wii fitness age is 78 and my husband’s is 67. I always knew we’d grow old together. 🙂 # I’m at a gay Purim party. It’s not Purim until Tuesday, but you know these gay boys– any excuse to dress in drag! # I’m loving the Photographs of Linda Connor exhibit! It ends […]