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  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-16

    Watching Brothers & Sisters on DVR. Hubby just erased Celebrity Apprentice. Sorry @zappos! # Just bought a Wii Fit at the Game Stop in Christown Mall. Just learned of reviews on last week & didn’t know they had stores. # BTW, the guy at the Indian restaurant who asked if I were blogging was […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-15

    The “Catalan artist” in VickyChristinaBarcelona & his ex-wife (Penelope Cruz) speak Castilian & his father writes poetry in Spanish. Hello? # Vicky’s in Barcelona for her Master’s in Catalan culture, but she takes Spanish, falls in love with a “Catalan artist” who speaks Castilian. # Searched Twitter for vicky christina barcelona catalan: Found someone […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-14

    #TGIF Andy & I are going to a friend’s house for dinner. Have a great time at #evfn & #sxsw tonight! Wish I could beam from place to place! # I wonder how soon before I’m invited to join the group, “100,000,000 Against the New Facebook!” # OH @ library That’ll be $2 for a […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-13

    Who’s that hot guy guest starring on Grey’s Anatomy? I finally found out it’s Michael Rady, Kostas from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! # I was just thinking wasn’t that guy a child actor? Then I realized he was! Councilman Archie was Daniel-san, the Karate Kid. #UglyBetty # Wow! Samantha Who’s coming back two weeks […]

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12

    @the808girl I don’t think I can do transliteration vs. translation justice in 140 characters. Write me: no spam at Daniel Greene dot com. # Just finished playing Wii Sports for a while. I enjoy the non-threatening training in baseball, bowling, golf, tennis, and boxing. It’s fun! # Prepping to interpret lecture by Alfred Lubrano, Limbo: […]