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  • Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies & interpreter feedback

    My reflections after the first week of our two-week face-to-face session (or colloquium). I learned a lot, and I share what I learned about feedback as a follow-up to the video I posted about receiving unsolicited feedback last week. Topics include Demand-Control Schema, Talking about “The Work,” practitioner-centered approach, professional discussion, case conferencing, listening, observation/supervision, […]

  • Creators & haters, and why sharing doesn’t equal soliciting criticism

    In this signed language video, I talk about my experience of sharing a sample of my interpreting and transliterating work and receiving unsolicited criticism on it. Haters tend to be people with no real names and no creative works of their own. All they do is shoot down others’ work and give nothing to YouTube. […]

  • Rave Review for my Vague Language Workshop

    I was honored that a participant in my Vague Language (VL) workshop for ASL interpreters was moved to write this review for our local chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (Arizona RID). The writer wishes to remain anonymous, but I found out who they are and got their permission to publish their […]

  • Video Response to "My first sign language video!"

    The following is a translation/transcript of my ASL video response to “My first sign language video!” Hi, Ashley. Thanks for leaving a comment on my video, “ASL Intro”! Your signing is good and you fingerspell well. If you don’t know a sign, it’s perfectly fine to fingerspell. You fingerspell clearly, and good for you! — […]