Video Response to "My first sign language video!"

The following is a translation/transcript of my ASL video response to “My first sign language video!”

Hi, Ashley. Thanks for leaving a comment on my video, “ASL Intro”! Your signing is good and you fingerspell well. If you don’t know a sign, it’s perfectly fine to fingerspell. You fingerspell clearly, and good for you! — I mean, it’s a good thing that you fingerspell instead of trying to invent signs.

If I may make only one small criticism… when you signed “to” (when you signed “I want TO become”… or maybe you fingerspelled B-E-C-O-M-E), understand that the “to” is part of the verb “to become.” The sign “TO” means going “to” something (directionally). Do you understand what I mean? It’s not part of the infinitive verb form as in “to be,” “to go,” or “to do.” *I might not have made this clear in my ASL video, but it’s best to fingerspell “to” in the infinitive verb form, or do away with it altogether, as it’s not necessary in ASL.*

Anyway, you’re doing great, and keep up the good work! I agree with “msgfromandrew” the deaf guy who goes to Rochester (*EDIT: Oops, I signed Riverside, sorry!*), who suggested that the best way to learn ASL is to socialize with deaf people.

Thanks for the comment and good luck!





2 responses to “Video Response to "My first sign language video!"”

  1. Erin Avatar

    if u could maybe fingerspell a little slower that would make it a whole lot easier to understand!! thank You !!! Good job!!!!


  2. The One and Only Ridor Avatar

    I could not resist staring at your hairy arms! Be still, my heart.




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