Creators & haters, and why sharing doesn’t equal soliciting criticism

In this signed language video, I talk about my experience of sharing a sample of my interpreting and transliterating work and receiving unsolicited criticism on it. Haters tend to be people with no real names and no creative works of their own. All they do is shoot down others’ work and give nothing to YouTube. As an interpreter, I am courageous enough to share my work–imperfect though it may be–with the world so that people may see it, but I am not thick skinned enough to take criticism about it. I think there are things a person creates and is willing to share with the world but doesn’t want to allow responses on because they don’t want the criticism and they don’t need the praise. This is how I feel about the sample I posted yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Creators & haters, and why sharing doesn’t equal soliciting criticism

  1. Well, Richard, I remember your comments back in 2007. You appeared to get a thrill out of pissing people off even though your points seemed like they could be good discussions.

    I’m just glad to see you’re somewhat different these days… I hope.


  2. Welome to the club. You see some places that serve the deaf communities become thankless. The only thing you can do is let your skin grow thick like mine. People were flailing me for over 15 years and that affords me the cold shoulder I’ve been noted for.


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