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  • Do you live in a Social Local Mobile world?

    I don’t know about you, but I am not surrounded by friends walking around toting GPS-enabled smartphones on the same social networks looking to hook up for coffee or sushi. And I certainly I do not go out to dinner with a dozen friends who pay the same check with the same mobile app from […]

  • Don’t let Internet video bulldogs bulldoze closed-captioning in the name of progress

    Don’t let the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and Entertainment Software Association (ESA) persuade the FCC to exempt them from closed-captioning Internet video. Read the article below and click the links to read the actual petition; then, write to the FCC to uphold the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) that President Obama signed […]

  • Originally posted on The Professional Interpreter:
    Dear Colleagues, We all have clients who at one time or another have asked us to translate materials that we know, or learn after reviewing them, are useless or irrelevant for our client’s objective. One time I was asked to translate a Mexican court file that was close to…

  • The complex, attractive roles of dwarfs in Mirror, Mirror

    The complex, attractive roles of dwarfs in Mirror, Mirror

    (SPOILER ALERT: If you want to be surprised by everything in the movie, wait to read this until after you’ve seen it.) As I said in a Tweet after I saw Mirror Mirror, Just saw #MirrorMirror. It was great! And #SebastianSaraceno (the dwarf called Wolf) is the sexiest little man I've ever seen. #SnowWhite — […]

  • Why don’t we call ourselves interpreters for the Hearing?

    I mean, Hearing people are the ones who hire us, right? Hearing people need us to interpret for them because they are not fluent in sign language, and most of the time, Hearing people foot the bill. So why do we so often side with our Deaf consumers? We signed-spoken language interpreters probably all have […]