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  • Bimodal interpreters, not just sign language interpreters

    Sign language interpreters are spoken language interpreters too To talk about our work, it helps to have efficient terms that accurately define it. Typically, we ASL/English interpreters call ourselves “sign language interpreters,” while we call (for example) Spanish/English interpreters “spoken language interpreters.” Yet signed language is only half our language pair; the other half is spoken language; therefore, […]

  • Interpreter, appreciate thyself.

    Physician, heal thyself. –ancient proverb Yesterday was Interpreter Appreciation Day. I’d like to propose the day after be dubbed Interpreter Self-Appreciation Day. It is reassuring to be appreciated, but our consumers and colleagues may not always take the time to express their appreciation. What is more, even when people express their appreciation, we may not absorb […]

  • Do conference interpreters make more than medical interpreters?

    The ADA may account for the equal pay ASL/English interpreters earn for conference & medical interpreting vs. the disparity Spanish/English interpreters earn.

  • How To Talk To A Dean | The Professor Is In

    How To Talk To A Dean | The Professor Is In Used this to prep for an interview with a dean during an on-campus interview.

  • Searching for a colleague who’s searching for a colleague

    I was struck by something my thesis advisor said about writing letters of recommendation for me today: “As a faculty member searching for a colleague, I like to see that a letter has been addressed to the institution” [emphasis added]. Even at 45, master’s degree in hand, I was thinking of applying for a job […]