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  • More about introducing oneself as an interpreter

    Another need to introduce myself as an interpreter came up recently: a little CODA asked me what I was doing while I was interpreting for their parent. I forgot that little bilingual children might not understand that their parent speaks a different language, much less that they need an interpreter. The more aware I become […]

  • The stigma of “signer” upon ASL-English interpreters

    Doctor to patient: “Hi, I’m Dr. Y.” Doctor to me: “Oh, the patient’s deaf! So this isn’t interpreting; you’re a signer.” Meanwhile, I’m interpreting. It seems there’s a stigma that an interpreter who works between a spoken language and a signed language is a “signer” while an interpreter who works between two spoken languages is […]

  • Certified Medical Interpreter: A title in your future?

    Medical interpreting certification: An ASL/English interpreter’s perspective Medical interpreting is a specialization, or at least it can be. Yet an ASL/English interpreter who interprets in medical settings is not required to hold a specialist certificate. RID doesn’t have one and never did. Recently, though, the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI), an independent […]

  • Professional Interpreting Associations & Certifications: A narrated slideshow

    I created this presentation for an Introduction to Interpreting class at Phoenix College. I’m sharing it with anyone interested in interpreters’ professional associations and certifications.

  • Specializations vs. special skills: An interpreter’s scope and abilities

    Having shared my first essay about settings vs. specializations with an Introduction to Interpreting class, I now realize I wasn’t clear enough the first time I wrote on the topic. One confusing aspect is that I called oral transliteration and tactile interpreting “specializations,” which doesn’t quite jibe with the way the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) […]