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  • 100,000 Views on Flickr

    100,000 Views on Flickr Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. I knew this day was coming for the past month or so, so I prepared. I deleted about 1,500 photos that didn’t get many views and probably weren’t very interesting to people. In the process of revising them, I learned that people like photos that tell […]

  • Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

    Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles Originally uploaded by danielgreene. Erneesha & Antwanelle flanking Trey (back to camera). And Antwanelle (frame right) knows some ASL! These girls were so sweet and so smart. Between them and the boys who came to wait on us, we couldn’t have possibly asked for better service (I say “girls” and “boys” […]

  • Arizona Flickr Gang

    Arizona Flickr Gang Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene. Andy and I went to Aunt Chilada’s last night for a “meetup” of Flickrites (users of the Flickr photo sharing web service). It was good fun. We met some nice people, and I took some good pictures. I talked with one guy, Garry, about SLR’s and lenses, […]

  • Deaf Guy Touts Top Ten WordPress Plugins

    This guy subscribed to my videos on YouTube (thank-you-very-much!) so I checked him out. He has several ASL videos, and one in particular caught my eye because my new blog is “powered by WordPress.” In this video, he describes his 10 favorite WordPress plugins. I’m glad I watched, because several of the plugins he described […]

  • Transforming My Site into a Blog

    Over the last few days, I have transformed danielgreene.com into a blog. I resisted doing a blog for quite a while for several reasons. Blogs can take a lot of time to write and maintain— especially when there are a lot of comments to monitor. I didn’t know anything about the software I would need […]