Deaf Guy Touts Top Ten WordPress Plugins

This guy subscribed to my videos on YouTube (thank-you-very-much!) so I checked him out. He has several ASL videos, and one in particular caught my eye because my new blog is “powered by WordPress.” In this video, he describes his 10 favorite WordPress plugins. I’m glad I watched, because several of the plugins he described could improve the functionality of my blog.

While watching his video, I felt so happy to understand ASL! Ah, the benefits of knowing a second language! 😀





One response to “Deaf Guy Touts Top Ten WordPress Plugins”

  1. Grant W Laird Jr. Avatar

    I just did “10 More WordPress Plugins” today (8/27/06) but Google Video or YouTube won’t be ready till tomorrow or so. Yet you still can view video via my server.

    Check it out!


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