Workshops I taught in 2010 and look forward to teaching in 2011

I thought of doing a Review of 2010 and Preview of 2011 about several of my life’s activities, but that was too overwhelming, so I decided to blog about it in segments. This one is about one of the most important activities to me: interpreter training.

In December 2009, I wrote a Review of 2009 and Goals for 2010 post in which I said I hoped to teach workshops at RID regional conferences and to “be a part of” the NAOBI conference. Fortunately, I did end up teaching workshops at both the RID Region V Conference in Salt Lake City and the NAOBI Conference in Phoenix— and those at NAOBI definitely made me feel “a part of”! At RID Region V, I taught my Genre Recognition workshop and my Speak & Spell workshop; at NAOBI, I taught my Vague Language workshop and my Vocal Technique workshop. I also spent quite a bit of time submitting workshop proposals, some of which were rejected and some of which are in negotiation. I am even scheduling a workshop date toward the end of 2012, believe it or not.

As with any enterprise, happy customers and word of mouth are the greatest sources of repeat business. One of my workshop participants at RID Region V requested that I come out to teach a workshop in her city; thus, I’ll be teaching my Vague Language (VL) workshop in Las Vegas (LV) on Saturday, January 15. In addition to that workshop, there are other happy customers from previous workshops who are working to bring me out to their communities. I appreciate their interest and efforts!

If you are interested in having one or more of my workshops in your location, please let me know. I love to teach and I love to travel. If you are reading this and you want one of my workshops, please reach out to me and we will make it happen.






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