Tribute to Grandma: Her singing & My signing

My grandmother’s stage name was Linda Preston when she was younger, and she recorded this song under her stage name, so I can only guess she recorded it in the ’40s. When she was older, her screen name was Audrey Arent when she acted in TV commercials and as an extra in such movies as King Kong (1976), Turning Point, and Network. She was my maternal grandmother, and the second photo in the slideshow at the beginning is of her holding my mother when my mother was a newborn baby. You can also see Grandma with me when I was a little boy.

This video is closed-captioned for the signing impaired. 😉






5 responses to “Tribute to Grandma: Her singing & My signing”

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  2. Liberte Sexuelle Avatar
    Liberte Sexuelle

    Wow, she was gorgeous.

    Love the signing impaired quip. 😉 Cute.


  3. user1 Avatar

    Any chance you can do a version in ASL?


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      I will see what I can do when I can get around to it.


  4. J Avatar

    Made me cry!


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