WordPress or Blogger— or Both?

I am thinking of blogging more on Blogger to integrate it with my Google account. I’ve been using Google+ since before it went public, and I like the integration of other Google services I use; one of those services is AdSense, and I recently learned that I could earn money for original content I post on Blogger. I can’t use AdSense on my hosted WordPress site, danielgreene.com, even though I create a lot of compelling content and get a good number of views there. I don’t pay WordPress not to place ads, so they are the only ones profiting from my content. Granted, WordPress is a wonderful free service, so I owe them something, but I still feel that I should benefit from my hard work.

I would like to hear from other WordPress users who use Blogger as well, or have switched from WordPress to Blogger. What are the pros and cons of each platform? Do you have any suggestions on what I might do with this blog that might be different or similar to my other blog?





One response to “WordPress or Blogger— or Both?”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Update: I used the WordPress2Blogger conversion utility, and now I am experimenting with publishing some of my old posts on this blog.


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