Exploding our models to get a better view of our work

I’m not talking about blowing up runway models with dynamite; I’m talking about looking at our work like a 3-D model— stretching it out and viewing its constituent parts from all angles to see how they work together. In the interpreting profession, we talk about “models” of interpretation like helper, conduit, ally, etc. We may have seen some flat diagrams of these models, so maybe we’re used to thinking of models as two-dimensional. How can we bring these models to life and apply them to our work? If you’re like me, you need a picture, or better yet, a moving picture. This video shows the way I like to think of modeling our work. Think of this next time you get supervision or case conference, next time you analyze your work within the Demand-Control Schema. Think of this video and see if you are really taking the time to stretch out the scenario and look at all the parts that make it tick.






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