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  • themes that support post formats, WordAds, and bylines

    I’ve been looking for a theme that will support my WordAds account, support post formats, and show my byline. As of this writing, only 57 out of 206 themes support post formats. Only 24 support post formats and WordAds. I wonder how many of those 24 show bylines. Let’s see:

  • Ever forget an assignment? Make it less likely with automatic agenda emails.

    I hate to admit it, but there have been those mortifying times when I’ve forgotten I had a job to get to. It’s easy to follow a schedule when it’s the same every day, but when you’re a community interpreter and your schedule changes every day, you might need a little help. Lately, some of […]

  • Settings vs. specializations: Categorizing interpreting work

    Is “freelance” a setting? I’ve heard people say they used to be “educational” and now they’re “freelance.” What they mean is they used to be employed full-time at a school and now they work as an independent contractor for agencies. Yet interpreters can work full-time in schools and be “freelance” if they’re working at that […]

  • Interpreters beware of “SERVICE NEEDED !!!” scam

    In case you haven’t already seen it, the following email is going around. Gmail was wise enough to put them both in my spam folder. I will quote both so you can see how suspicious they are: Here is the first one: from: Engr Ivan Bruce to: bcc: date: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 […]

  • Notes on “A Conversation with Translators”

    I enjoyed watching the live feed of the Endless Possibilities Talks this afternoon. The Google+ Hangout on Air was viewable from within Google+ and on YouTube. Gerda S Prato-Espejo posted commentary on Twitter using the hashtag #EPT, and others including myself posted comments and questions using same hashtag. (The purpose of using the same hashtag is you can view […]