Notes on “A Conversation with Translators”

TerpTrans logoI enjoyed watching the live feed of the Endless Possibilities Talks this afternoon. The Google+ Hangout on Air was viewable from within Google+ and on YouTube. Gerda S Prato-Espejo posted commentary on Twitter using the hashtag #EPT, and others including myself posted comments and questions using same hashtag. (The purpose of using the same hashtag is you can view a search of all Tweets with that hashtag, and refresh it often to keep up with the conversation.)

A sample of the Tweets!/TerpTrans/status/191619328557318144!/TerpTrans/status/191625226042355715

People in the Hangout

Esther Navarro-Hall, #EPT co-founder and moderator

Al Navas, #EPT co-founder and interviewer

Gerda S Prato-Espejo, #EPT co-founder and Tweeter

Valeria Aliperta

Veronica Riva

Marta Stelmaszak

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One response to “Notes on “A Conversation with Translators””

  1. […] Watching or participating in professional online discussion forum such as the #IntJC or #EPT Twitter chats (Interpreter Journal Club and Endless Possibilities Talks, respectively). I have participated in both in the past two weeks, and it has been beneficial both to me and them for spoken and signed language interpreters and translators to discuss their work with each other. For more info, see Interpreter joins the #IntJC Twitter form and Notes on “A Conversation with Translators.” […]


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