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  • LiveJournal Communities re: Interpreters

    Here are some of the LiveJournal communities I found last night: aslterps: started 5 October 2003; c. 240 entries; last entry 18 August 2006. anti_bad_terps: started 5 March 2004; c. 40 entries; last entry 23 April 2006. certified_terps: started 2 February 2006; 14 entries, last entry 15 August 2006. itp_students: started 1 February 2006; 14 […]

  • I Found Some Other ASL Interpreter Blogs

    It wouldn’t be the first time I was the first one on the Internet to do something (see my Style Sheets Demo Page and HyperHaiku), but thankfully, I am not the first ASL interpreter to have a blog. I did some more searching this morning on DeafBlogs and found some other interpreter blogs. Here they […]

  • Where Are The ASL Interpreter Blogs?

    Is it possible that mine is the first ASL interpreter blog? I have searched the Internet for other ASL interpreter blogs, and I can’t find any. There are hordes of Deaf Blogs and Vlogs out there—hooray for deaf people!—but where in the blogosphere are my interpreting colleagues? I wonder if there are no ASL interpreter […]

  • Deaf Guy Touts Top Ten WordPress Plugins

    This guy subscribed to my videos on YouTube (thank-you-very-much!) so I checked him out. He has several ASL videos, and one in particular caught my eye because my new blog is “powered by WordPress.” In this video, he describes his 10 favorite WordPress plugins. I’m glad I watched, because several of the plugins he described […]

  • Publishing on the Web for the Greater Good

    I found the following blog post while searching the Internet to see who was linking to my pages. The guy quoted below found the answers he was looking for in my post “Legal Requirements for Self Employed Persons.” I feel happy that publishing my research helped someone! Wednesday, June 14, 2006 Its so nice when […]