Where Are The ASL Interpreter Blogs?

Is it possible that mine is the first ASL interpreter blog? I have searched the Internet for other ASL interpreter blogs, and I can’t find any. There are hordes of Deaf Blogs and Vlogs out there—hooray for deaf people!—but where in the blogosphere are my interpreting colleagues?

I wonder if there are no ASL interpreter blogs because we have to keep our mouths shut about our work to protect client confidentiality. Yes, we need to protect our consumers, but we can talk about our work publicly! I believe it will benefit our profession and our consumers, too, if we talk about our work in a way that is illuminating without betraying any confidential information.

That is my goal here—to talk about ASL signing and interpreting in such a way as to inform and stimulate discussion while maintaining a sense of professionalism and respect for my colleagues and our hearing and deaf consumers. I look forward to the time when this blog is full of comments from deaf and hearing readers engaged in meaningful dialogues that have a profound and positive effect on the work we do and the people we serve. I look forward to adding other ASL interpreter blogs to my blogroll and being added to theirs.

Blog on, ‘terps!

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11 responses to “Where Are The ASL Interpreter Blogs?”

  1. coda terp Avatar

    Just wanted to make an advertisement for my new blog. I will be posting it under a screen name, but It is about my views as a CODA interpreter codaterp.blogspot.com I just started it last week, but plan to be updating it often.


  2. Where are the interpreter blogs? « Daniel Greene’s Interpretation Avatar

    […] I first turned danielgreene.com into a blog, in 2006, I asked the question Where are the ASL interpreters blogs? and only found a few. Since I’ve been in grad school for “interpreting studies” with a […]


  3. Daniel Greene Avatar

    I found a blog called The Interpreter Diaries that is not about ASL interpreting, but is about interpreting in general. We interpreters all do pretty much the same thing, but spoken language interpreters (and especially translators) have been doing it even longer. We have a lot to learn from them! Check out the site.


  4. Meredith Avatar


    No, I don’t talk about interpreting on my site very much! I hardly blog much at all. I don’t consider my blog topical in any way – it’s just a personal blog of my life.


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      That’s okay. No pressure to blog about interpreting; I was just noting what was out there and what was not. 🙂


  5. jojomccid Avatar

    Good day Daniel!

    Thank you very much for adding my blog in yours. 🙂

    Re: ASL Interpreter, I may not consider myself as a full-blooded ASL user/interpreter. But I’d like to redirect you to the wikipedia definition of Filipino Sign Language (FSL) which I co-authored with another wikipedian. This article states that FSL is very much influenced by ASL. Remember that we were once an American colony. The first teachers for the deaf in our country were Americans. They opened the first school for the deaf in Asia in 1907. So I should categorically say that our Filipino Deaf uses ASL although we still embrace it with our own FSL. 🙂


  6. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Chris, your blog link redirects to a blog that no longer exists. Please comment again if you have a new one.

    I just discovered a Filipino hearing interpreter’s blog: Filipino Deaf from the Eyes of a Hearing Person. I don’t know if he’s an ASL interpreter, but he is a hearing sign language interpreter. Perhaps I should write a blog post expanding the search to sign language interpreters around the world. I think I would want to keep the focus on hearing interpreters, but maybe it should be expanded to comprise deaf interpreters too.

    I just found another one that was created in June 2007 after I posted this question: http://codadiva.com/


  7. Chris Owens Avatar

    I am an interperter, and I have a blog.

    Nice site, btw.


  8. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Funny you should mention it… around the same time you sent your comment, I was on DeafBlogs looking at a few interpreter blogs, including Amanita’s. I blogged it around noon today.

    Thanks for the tip, though! 🙂

    On second thought… I took another look at Amanita’s blog, and now I remember that I searched it for quite a while and had a hard time finding much about interpreting on it, other than a couple of mentions and a password-protected post.


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