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  • Professional conferences and organizations are valuable!

    In response to The Professional Interpreter’s post Are professional conferences and organizations valuable? I replied: I think that, in general, professional conferences are great! I don’t go to them all the time—one a year on average—but I always make some valuable personal/professional connections, and I always learn more about how to be better at what […]

  • Resources for teaching development of professional practice

    I made this video to fulfill an assignment in Teaching Ethics and Professional Practice at Western Oregon University’s MA in Interpreting Studies program with a concentration in Teaching Interpreting. The assignment was to share the process I went through to find materials to share in classes, in mentoring, or in my own work as an […]

  • Interpreting & translation associations around the world

    In graduate school for interpreting studies, we are learning about interpreting and translation associations worldwide, including ASL-English and beyond. It is exciting to broaden one’s horizons. Here are some associations of interpreters and translators, both signed/spoken and spoken/spoken:

  • Resources for ethics: Ethical wills (ASL video)

    Fulfillment of an assignment in Western Oregon University’s course “Teaching Ethics & Professional Practice” in the Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies program with an emphasis in Teaching Interpreting. Our task was to find resources to help us in assessing our own ethics and teaching ethics to others. My contribution to my cohort’s resource list […]

  • An ASL-English interpreter joins the #IntJC Twitter forum

    If you have never participated in an Interpreting Journal Club forum on Twitter (hashcode #IntJC), I suggest you give it a try. The last forum was on March 31, and it was the first one I ever participated in. They would love to have more signed language interpreters participate with the spoken language interpreters. The […]