I Found Some Other ASL Interpreter Blogs

It wouldn’t be the first time I was the first one on the Internet to do something (see my Style Sheets Demo Page and HyperHaiku), but thankfully, I am not the first ASL interpreter to have a blog. I did some more searching this morning on DeafBlogs and found some other interpreter blogs. Here they are:

  • certified_terps, a LiveJournal community
  • anti_bad_terps, a LiveJournal community
  • OakHomey— I don’t see much there about interpreting, except that he feels he can’t blog about his personal life because it would damage his relationship with his clients. Hm…
  • Shanni’s Blog— I don’t see much about interpreting there, but there are some posts that mention her experiences as an interpreter, and there are lots of beautiful photos.

4 responses to “I Found Some Other ASL Interpreter Blogs”

  1. Update:

    LiveJournal community certified_terps is a purged account.
    LiveJournal anti_bad_terps had twenty postings between April 2005 and July 2008.
    LiveJournal OakHomey had five postings in January 2006 but they weren’t about interpreting.
    Shanni’s blog is down to one About Me page.

    It makes me wonder why people stop blogging about interpreting.


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