I taught a workshop today!

I taught a workshop today!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

Today, I accomplished something I’ve been thinking about doing for at least five years now: I taught a workshop to sign language interpreters. I have my colleague Joy Marks at the Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative to thank not only for taking this photo but for providing the logistical assistance, facilities, and equipment I needed to present this workshop. Her generosity on so many levels was invaluable.

For my part, it seems that all my hard work, research, and preparation paid off. The students had fun, learned a lot, and scored my presentation highly. Yay!







3 responses to “I taught a workshop today!”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Thanks for the comments. Sorry it took me a few days to approve yours, Mikey.


  2. Mikey Avatar

    Congrats! I’ve done my share of workshops, mostly in mental health and interpreting… love doing this. Hope you’ll get to do more in the future!



  3. Kim Avatar

    Good for you! Seriously, this is awesome. I bet you’re a great teacher.


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