Exciting Assignment – Light Rail!

Exciting Assignment – Light Rail!
Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

I’m excited to be on a public interpreting assignment this morning, on call to interpret for any ASL user (deaf or hard-of-hearing person) who wants to see and learn about the accessibilty features of Valley Metro Light Rail. Light rail will start running here in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa) on December 27, and will be free through December 31. Today, at the 38th St / Washington station, we’re here from 9a-Noon and 2p-5p. I’m learning a lot in the process of interpreting and asking questions myself between clients, and I’m totally jazzed about riding the rail when it opens!





One response to “Exciting Assignment – Light Rail!”

  1. Tony Avatar

    That’s awesome!! Let me know if you ever do anything else like this and I’ll mention you on my blog.


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