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  • Student teaching and thesis writing my last quarter in grad school

    I just started co-teaching an Introduction to Interpreting class at Phoenix College yesterday. It’s a hybrid course, so I’ll be doing both onsite teaching and online teaching. Luckily, I’ve had experience with both kinds of teaching, especially since doing my teaching practica in three different courses last spring at Western Oregon University (WOU), where I […]

  • Who cares what I have to say?

    Today it’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Yesterday it was rap groups, support groups, open mic. I don’t remember feeling like nobody cared what I had to say when I was speaking to people in person. Now that I’m writing for the Internet — for the past 17 years or so, and sharing on social media for the […]

  • How to write blog posts in less time

    How to write blog posts in less time

    I’ll say it up front: I’m tackling this because I struggle with it myself. I spent an hour last night writing a short blog post about interpreting and another two hours this morning returning to it again and again to make revisions. (And that’s after already publishing it last night, which is a no-no.) Rather than […]

  • Hangout On Air tomorrow, Deaf-Blind party today, and master’s degree update

    Hosting Hangout on Air this weekend You can tune in to a Google+ Hangout On Air tomorrow evening, May 13, at 6:30 PDT (UTC-7) co-hosted by me and Booger Bender. The topic is ASL and Deaf culture. The idea was M Monica‘s, and I have Naomi Black to thank for recommending me. Google enabled Hangout On Air […]

  • Found more interpreting & translation blogs & associations

    Loads of new links! The focus of TerpTrans is on interpreting, translation, and contact language transliteration of spoken and signed languages around the world. We share many things in common and can learn from each other whether we are Deaf or Hearing, interpreter or translator, oral or manual. To that end, here is a list […]