Hangout On Air tomorrow, Deaf-Blind party today, and master’s degree update

Hosting Hangout on Air this weekend

You can tune in to a Google+ Hangout On Air tomorrow evening, May 13, at 6:30 PDT (UTC-7) co-hosted by me and Booger Bender. The topic is ASL and Deaf culture. The idea was M Monica‘s, and I have Naomi Black to thank for recommending me. Google enabled Hangout On Air hosting to Google+ members worldwide this week, so I look forward to hosting more HOA’s in the future. Posted here is a video about the new medium. Look forward to our HOA being posted live and for perpetuity on this blog, Google+, and YouTube.

Teaching Deaf-Blind interpreting workshop next month

Husband and Wife, Communication
Husband and Wife, Communication (Photo credit: cobalt123)

RID Region V 2012 conference will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii June 13–17, and I will be teaching a workshop on Deaf-Blind interpreting on Friday, June 15, from 12:30p–3:30p. Since most of my Deaf-Blind training and experience was in San Diego from 1993–2004, I have spent a lot of time brushing up on my Deaf-Blind cultural awareness, SSP (support service provider) training, and Deaf-Blind interpreting experience. This week, I took a private SSP training, and in a few minutes, I’m off to a meeting/social of the Arizona Association of the Deaf-Blind to get more fresh experience socializing with and interpreting for (pro bono) Deaf-Blind people.

Teaching practicum this term

Spring 2012 is a very busy term for me in my master’s degree program in interpreting studies with a concentration in teaching interpreting. This quarter, I’m taking courses on teaching ethics & professional practice, interpreter education curriculum development, and practicum. For my practicum course, I’m doing practica in classes on ASL linguistics, translation, and interpreting in community settings. I barely have time to write this blog post right now, but the blog must go on, and I’m going to set aside an hour or two a week to keep blogging even if it kills me. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. It’s all about balance. Speaking of balance, my thesis is completely on hold this quarter, as I think it is for everyone in my cohort. I find it kind of odd that we focused on starting our theses last quarter, but we’ve been focused on completely different pursuits this quarter. We are the first cohort for this brand new program and I wonder, once I get to the end of the program, if I will suggest the curriculum be rearranged. For now, I’m going with the flow and trusting I will get my thesis done in the summer and fall quarters; i.e., the six months after this quarter ends. Wish me well!

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