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  • The Professional Interpreter: One Profession. One Real Profession.

    Originally posted on The Professional Interpreter:
    Dear Colleagues, It seems to me that a week never goes by without a colleague telling me that he or she was misunderstood, humiliated, obstructed, or underpaid while doing his or her job.  Some of them react with anger, others with frustration, a few seem resigned, but a growing…

  • Professional conferences and organizations are valuable!

    In response to The Professional Interpreter’s post Are professional conferences and organizations valuable? I replied: I think that, in general, professional conferences are great! I don’t go to them all the time—one a year on average—but I always make some valuable personal/professional connections, and I always learn more about how to be better at what […]

  • Crowdsourcing to closed-caption videos with Amara

    Yesterday’s Hangout On Air on American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture is now a video on YouTube, and that video is being crowdsourced for subtitles at Amara. If you’ve never heard of Amara (I hadn’t until yesterday), it is a website dedicated to crowdsourcing the captioning of videos. How it works is that anyone […]

  • Unanswered questions I’ve posted on Twitter

    I’ve posted some tweets lately with questions to the interpreting profession, but I’ve seen no replies. Maybe you can change that — reply to these tweets or leave a comment here. https://twitter.com/#!/TerpTrans/status/195039924087558144 https://twitter.com/#!/TerpTrans/status/197768904385376257 Oh, and another one just for fun (although I do take grammar very seriously). 😉 Quiz: How do these differ in meaning? […]

  • Notes on “A Conversation with Translators”

    I enjoyed watching the live feed of the Endless Possibilities Talks this afternoon. The Google+ Hangout on Air was viewable from within Google+ and on YouTube. Gerda S Prato-Espejo posted commentary on Twitter using the hashtag #EPT, and others including myself posted comments and questions using same hashtag. (The purpose of using the same hashtag is you can view […]