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  • How to write blog posts in less time

    How to write blog posts in less time

    I’ll say it up front: I’m tackling this because I struggle with it myself. I spent an hour last night writing a short blog post about interpreting and another two hours this morning returning to it again and again to make revisions. (And that’s after already publishing it last night, which is a no-no.) Rather than […]

  • Why I split my eclectic blog into five specialized blogs

    For 16 years, I tried to combine my personal and professional lives into one blog (“website” for the first 10 years). I combined my various professions into that one blog, too. It got so broad and wide-ranging I called it Daniel Greene’s Blog-o-rama. Why did I do this? I figured I was a Renaissance man […]

  • Why I retitled this blog Daniel Greene’s Interpretation

    Daniel Greene’s Blog-o-rama sounded too general. The “-o-rama” suffix implied a wide view and a surplus–which this blog is–but it sounded like it was about nothing in particular. I never put interpreter or interpreting in the title because I write about much more than interpreting. In the 16 years that I’ve been writing this blog, […]

  • Update on my thesis on VL in ASL

    I am working on my master’s thesis on vague language (VL) in American Sign Language (ASL). As far as I know, not much has been published about vagueness in ASL and nothing has been published about “VL” in ASL aside from my article in the RID Views. For my thesis, I’m doing a literature review […]

  • My sexting blog post published in the book Sexting by Cengage Learning!

    My sexting blog post published in the book Sexting by Cengage Learning!

    The UPS truck delivered something today that brought tears to my eyes: my own hardcover copy of the book Sexting including a chapter by lil’ ol’ me. Gale Cengage Learning approached me a year ago about including a blog post of mine, Sexting highlights society’s issues with privacy and shame, in one of their textbooks. […]