After my first conference workshop

After my first conference workshop
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I presented my workshop "Knowing What They’re Going to Say Before They Say It: Using Genre Recognition to Improve Your Predictive Skills" at the Arizona RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) State Conference on Saturday, March 28, 2009 from 1-4:30 PM. It was the first time I’d ever presented at a state conference, and they put me in the smallest meeting room (the Palo Verde room) at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

Can you believe that a total of 27 attendees filled this room beyond capacity? I was astounded at the turnout. I was too busy during my workshop to even think about taking pictures, but as I was leaving the space after packing up all my things, I paused to say a prayer of thanks; then I took this photo to commemorate the moment. I am hopeful to teach workshops at other conferences throughout the rest of my life. It may sound corny, but I’m all ferklempt right now as I say, "this is where it all began!"

Thanks to the conference presenter selection committee including Lauren Greenberg, Michelle Caplette-Boyle, and Joy Marks. And thanks to everyone who listened to my ideas and gave me feedback as I developed this workshop in my mind over the past several years, especially:

  • Nancy Alcock, who sat with me over lunch at Denny’s in Mira Mesa in 2003.
  • Elita Harvey, who sat with me over lunch at Outback Steakhouse in Scottsdale in 2006.
  • Lisa Levine, who stood with me on the grounds at Phoenix College in 2007.
  • Jamie DeArmas, who exchanged workshop ideas, feedback, and encouragement with me at Hands On Video Relay Service in 2008.
  • Joy Marks, who provided me with resources and materials during the nuts-and-bolts development of my workshop and gave me the space, the publicity, and the students to present my workshop for the first time in November 2008 at the Desert Valleys Regional Cooperative.

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone. Please remind me and I’ll gratefully acknowledge you here.






2 responses to “After my first conference workshop”

  1. Daniel Greene Avatar

    Jill– Yes! I thank you and the other EIPA test-takers whose feedback I’ve been able to read. Thanks for coming to my workshop, participating so enthusiastically, and commenting.


  2. Jill Master Avatar
    Jill Master

    what about that awesome woman, jill master, who let you pry into the “holy of holies” of her eipa results. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!!

    Daniel, you did such a good job presenting. You were very confident and sure of yourself and what you were teaching. It was evident that you had a desire for others to learn. The best part of it all was when you got so passionate and emotional about your subject. You are an incredible person.



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