Generic blog spam must be stopped

Spam filters need to learn new tricks

Why don’t blog spam filters recognize as spam those generic comments that link to commercial websites? Akismet used to filter all the spam that came into my blog, but now there’s a type it never catches– generic comments linked to a money-making (or even phishing or malicious) websites. These spammers write adulatory comments that don’t address the content or topic of the post. They tell you that you have just earned a new follower and that they will add you to their RSS feed straightaway. They say things like, “This is the best post I’ve ever read on the subject.” Note they say “the subject” without naming it. Sometimes they even write editorial comments that have nothing to do with your blog post. Here is an actual examples taken from a recent comment on my blog:

Here’s one posted on my blog entry “Comparison of EPUB Download Sites

How risky is blogging really? Blog firings are relatively rare. In a recent survey of 279 human resource professionals by the Society for Human Resources Management, just 3 percent of companies reported disciplining bloggers and none reported firing anyone for blogging. You’re more likely to get in trouble for fooling around online or downloading music at work. About half the companies in the survey said they’ve fired or disciplined employees for Internet use that was unrelated to work duties.

Note I didn’t say anything about “blog firings” or the risk of blogging in my post.

If there’s any risk of blogging, it’s for your blog to be highjacked by people using your publication to promote their get-rich-quick schemes.

Here’s one on my blog post “My first Speak & Spell workshop“:

This is an excellent post. I have a similar blog myself so I will keep coming back to read more.

And this from a guy who runs a blog about magic spells. At least his comment addressed the topic of my blog post, even if incorrectly.

I’ll add more examples as they come in, which I’m sure they will.

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement, but I do like using WordPress for Android because new comments to my blog show up as notifications on my Nexus One and I can follow the notification to open the app and mark comments as spam if I choose. It helps me stop spammers sooner than if I had to wait to get to a computer and log into my blog’s admin dashboard.





4 responses to “Generic blog spam must be stopped”

  1. Md Wajid Avatar

    hi i am wajid i am doing seo project


  2. April LaJune Avatar

    I am getting the same ridiculous comments. True I like it when people make comments but I can tell it's the same regurgitated crap, different day! It is not adding to the traffic on my site in any way. I would prefer real comments from real people without the money making attachment. If they want to look up my site, that's fine, but I'm not commenting on someone's site just for the added traffic!


  3. Jason zyler Avatar

    Great post! Thank you for the information.


  4. Ramit Avatar

    Daniel, i was browsing online for ideas on a new article to write upon and saw your post. I agree that most comments posted today are generic and more often have nothing to do with the topic posted. There has to be a solution to stop it. Let me know if you find one. Thanks


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