Resources for teaching development of professional practice

I made this video to fulfill an assignment in Teaching Ethics and Professional Practice at Western Oregon University’s MA in Interpreting Studies program with a concentration in Teaching Interpreting. The assignment was to share the process I went through to find materials to share in classes, in mentoring, or in my own work as an interpreter. Some of these resources were new to me; some of the resources I share in the video are recaps of what I have shared on this blog in the past few weeks. I am sorry I don’t have the time to transcribe and closed-caption the video for those who do not know ASL, but if you read my recent blog posts in addition to what is below, you already know what I was describing in the video. Here are the resources I describe:


United States Courts Federal Judiciary. (2010, September 23.) Nuremberg interpreter recalls historic trials [Video]. Retrieved from


Watching or participating in professional online discussion forum such as the #IntJC or #EPT Twitter chats (Interpreter Journal Club and Endless Possibilities Talks, respectively). I have participated in both in the past two weeks, and it has been beneficial both to me and them for spoken and signed language interpreters and translators to discuss their work with each other. For more info, see Interpreter joins the #IntJC Twitter form and Notes on “A Conversation with Translators.”


Greene, D. (n.d.) TerpTrans: An ASL-English interpreter/trainer on interpreting, transliterating, and translation.

Shameless plug for my own blog. Many potential and practicing interpreters have found the pages and posts in this blog to be useful, and I am working hard at making it ever more professional and global. Feel free to review it! I’m open to feedback.


Klemenc-Ketis, Z. & Kersnik, J. (2011, August 23). Using movies to teach professionalism to medical students. BMC Medical Education 11(16). Retrieved from






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