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  • The many meanings of “hot” and other short words

    I was ordering one of those new chicken-and-salad McWraps today, and I asked if the chicken were hot. I had to clarify I meant “hot as in temperature,” not “hot as in spicy.” It got me to thinking about how many meanings there are to the word hot: High-temperature Spicy Stolen Sexy Turned on (both sexually and, in the […]

  • Exploding our models to get a better view of our work

    I’m not talking about blowing up runway models with dynamite; I’m talking about looking at our work like a 3-D model— stretching it out and viewing its constituent parts from all angles to see how they work together. In the interpreting profession, we talk about “models” of interpretation like helper, conduit, ally, etc. We may have seen […]

  • Hangout On Air tomorrow, Deaf-Blind party today, and master’s degree update

    Hosting Hangout on Air this weekend You can tune in to a Google+ Hangout On Air tomorrow evening, May 13, at 6:30 PDT (UTC-7) co-hosted by me and Booger Bender. The topic is ASL and Deaf culture. The idea was M Monica‘s, and I have Naomi Black to thank for recommending me. Google enabled Hangout On Air […]

  • Originally posted on The Professional Interpreter:
    Dear Colleagues, We all have clients who at one time or another have asked us to translate materials that we know, or learn after reviewing them, are useless or irrelevant for our client’s objective. One time I was asked to translate a Mexican court file that was close to…

  • Found more interpreting & translation blogs & associations

    Loads of new links! The focus of TerpTrans is on interpreting, translation, and contact language transliteration of spoken and signed languages around the world. We share many things in common and can learn from each other whether we are Deaf or Hearing, interpreter or translator, oral or manual. To that end, here is a list […]