Response to RID Invalid NIC Scores Announcement

The gist of my comments, for those who don’t know American Sign Language, is that we should trust the validity of the NIC (National Interpreter Certification) and the RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf). This unfortunate incident of one individual’s corrupt behavior does not invalidate test scores any but 3% of test takers during the time in question; those candidates have already been notified and will have to retest. RID conducted the examination into this matter professionally in every way, and though I was frustrated myself while waiting for my test results for a long time, I now applaud RID for following a stringent protocol and maintaining secrecy about the situation until the investigation was complete. Please, consumers of interpreting services, continue to trust RID. It is a trustworthy organization. And please, fellow interpreters, do not doubt your scores. If you passed at the level you wanted, there is no need to retest. If you failed, you failed. Many of us fail tests the first time. Believe the results, learn what you need to learn to pass the test, and retake it. That’s what I did, and it worked. Again, this is a sad situation, but it has been handled. Let’s not let this get us down. We are good and RID is good. I am proud of us.

P.S. I forgot to include a link to the source announcement. I don’t want to post a link to the RID media page, because that link is constantly changing, so I will refer you to RID Addresses Invalid Rater Scores on National Interpreter Certification Exam — FAQs.







2 responses to “Response to RID Invalid NIC Scores Announcement”

  1. clercjr Avatar

    As a deaf consumer of interpreting services for decades and hold RID-certified terps in the highest regards, I applaud RID’s actions in resolving the situation. This situation also serves to remind us why, even in this day and age, ethics continues to be such so important.

    For others interested in reading RID’s official public statements regarding the situation (if people wanted to see the original source materials):

    (In the June 21, 2011 section.)


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Thank you for that comment and source link! 🙂

      I meant to post the sources but then forgot. Citing sources is always important.


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