Where are the interpreter blogs?

When I first turned danielgreene.com into a blog in 2006 I asked the question Where are the ASL interpreters blogs? and found only a few. Since I’ve been in grad school for “interpreting studies” with a concentration in teaching, I’ve learned about and sought out other interpreter blogs—not ASL interpreter blogs, but interpreter blogs nonetheless. Here are two:

  • The Interpreter Diaries: Smart, academically informed blog about interpreter training and professional practice. I have been following this blog for a few months now.
  • The Liaison Interpreter: I just found this blog today, and the most recent post is from today, so it is current. I checked the archives, and it seems the blogger has been quite active since 2007, publishing an average of 175 posts per year— much more active than I have been! This is a blog I am going to give a good viewing.

Googling for the search terms ‘interpreter’ and ‘blog’ just now, and I found something I have seen before: an interpreter blog gone dry. In The Court Interpreter blog, there is a post (only one of four) called Reworking the blog that reads:

You may have noticed I deleted all of my earlier posts.… A lot of what I wrote in the past about interpreting was sophomoric and offensive and this time around my focus is going to be on entertaining and informing the public without compromising myself professionally. (The Court Interpreter)

I mean no disrespect in citing this example; I mention it because it shows how hard it is for interpreters to blog about their work. This is understandable! We deal with many frustrations, challenges, and ethical dilemmas that are hard to talk about publicly without breaking confidentiality. The Court Interpreter’s last post was written on February 24, 2011— almost a year ago today. Let’s take a closer look… that last post, Now tweeting, or twittering, or whatever you call it. I checked out Court Interpreter’s Twitter feed, and indeed, they have microblogged actively since switching to Twitter. So, it may be a loss to the blogosphere, but their voice is still out there— 140 characters at a time.

That is all for now. Believe it or not, this post took me an hour-and-a-half to write, and it’s now 11:30 PM. Slow writer, I guess. How about you? Are you an interpreter/blogger? Do you know of any good interpreter blogs to read? I would love to hear from you.





8 responses to “Where are the interpreter blogs?”

  1. Matt Haldimann Avatar

    Daniel, I’m a slow writer myself. That’s why I have decided to collaborate on a blog with a friend and fellow interpreter. Makes it easier to keep those posts coming. Another blogging rookie interpreter: http://mutebuttonblog.wordpress.com/
    Generally, it seems that interpreters are rather drawn to tweet than to write blogs. Intiatives such as IntJC by Lionel Dersot have revealed a prominent interpreter community on Twitter. Maybe because Twitter is easier to handle and more of a conversation. It’s also easier to keep your privacy (than e.g. Facebook), but I think the temptation/danger of sharing confidential stuff is just as great as with any other form of social media.
    Looking forward to read more of your posts!


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Ah, yes, I read about your blog on The Interpreter Diaries and I forgot to include it. Sorry about that! Interesting idea about switching from blogging to microblogging, like The Court Interpreter. I think whether we are anonymous or not, we interpreters have to take care, yet I think there’s a lot we can share if we think about overarching issues rather than specifics.


  2. Lionel Dersot (@lioneltokyo) Avatar

    Thank you for mentioning my blog The Liaison Interpreter. Blogging is much a one-way communication means. For real exchange, I invite you to read about another initiative, The Interpreting Journal Club, here: https://sites.google.com/site/interpretjc/ I actually would like to also focus on Sign Language but being out of this domain, I am having difficulties finding an angle for future #IntJC chat meetings over Twitter. Your thoughts on this would be very welcome.


  3. Where are the sign language interpreter blogs today? « Daniel Greene’s Interpretation Avatar

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  4. Jon Barad Avatar

    Your blog is very inspiring. I’ve started a blog, though not as robust as yours 😉 The biggest challenge has been finding the time! I call it “Thoughts From a Sign Language Interpreter” It’s at http://jonbarad.blogspot.com/.


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Thanks, Jon. I mentioned it this morning on my next post. Nice blog. =)


  5. Tayler Avatar

    This blog by ASL interpreters is a new one on DeafRead: http://www.streetleverage.com/


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Thanks, Taylor. I found out about that blog just last week but couldn’t remember the URL. I mentioned it on my next post this morning.


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