I’m a Cuddlist-certified professional cuddler (ASL video)

This is an ASL version of my announcement of becoming a Cuddlist-certified professional cuddler. For now, I am not adding voiceover or captions because it is aimed at users of ASL, especially those in the Deaf community who may have known me for many years and may be wondering about my latest blog announcement.






4 responses to “I’m a Cuddlist-certified professional cuddler (ASL video)”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Searching for a phone number to contact you… is that something you can share with me? Thank you.
    Please email me so I can contact you. Pete


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Thanks for asking, Peter. 623-252-5171


  2. Cliff Avatar

    If you don’t mind sharing, how did you achieve this impressive lighting and clarity on your video? It’s wow.


    1. Daniel Greene Avatar

      Thanks, Cliff. I have a new iMac with a built-in FaceTime HD camera, and I have two lamps in my desk, one on either side of the Mac, each with one 1600-lumen bright white bulb.


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